Books in Progress

Catholic YA Fiction Book

About the Plot

Despite being a princess, Anita grew up wearing simple dresses, distributing food to the poor, and building friendships with her subjects. Her parents have taught her to serve her people with humility.

But when visiting royalty exposes her to a new, more refined way of life, Anita questions her upbringing and the priorities of her parents. While her father is forced to the battlefield to fight a mystical threat, Anita is forced to choose between this world’s pleasures and her place in an intangible heaven.

How’s my Progress?

Right now, I’m in the writing stage!

I’m well over 52,000 words into the story. While I know the general path it’s taking, my characters are always taking me through new scenes and conversations.


As part of my book-writing journey, I’ve been trying to learn more about my faith.

Part of that has been participating in different bible studies or researching Church teachings.

I’m also doing some reading:

  • The Autobiography of St. Ignatius: Reading this book gave me a lot of insight about intentionally deciding that you’ll be “all in” for your faith. With the help of the Holy Spirit, you can completely change your life.
  • The Contemporary Challenge of John of the Cross: In Progress!